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Viva, Transformation! in Ashland

Licensed Massage Therapy, Yoga, Life Coaching  and Community Activation Courses


Jaime D. Powell, LMT# 21678

It's a pleasure to meet you...

My name is Jaime D. Powell.
I am a licensed massage therapist, yoga teacher,
agent of change and transformation.

I work on the microcosm with individuals
through massage therapy and bodywork,
and on the macrocosm with
local and global community activism.

Please reach out...
let's collaborate in the spirit of
vitality and well being.
Viva, Transformation!!!

Microcosm: Individual Support

As a professionally trained and experienced Yoga Instructor, Life Coach, Massage Therapist, and Personal Fitness Trainer
I have the tools and understanding 

to support you
in creating optimal health and well-being.
I can support you in upgrading your perception and experience of 

your body and life
so that you are experiencing 

vitality, enthusiasm
and celebrating your manifested visions.

Macrocosm: Local/Global Classes

As a skilled facilitator and educator, I bring 20+ years of experience to our community for my upcoming class, Resilience and Resistance Training. 

We will meditate, practice yoga, NVC, 

receive wisdom from local teachers 

in the community, and 

join forces to collaborate on a final project that we will present to the larger community. 

This class is offered locally in Ashland, OR, starting the first week in April, 

as well as globally 

through webinar in May 2018.


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Let's Collaborate for the benefit of All Beings, Especially YOU!

Viva, Transformation!

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