Massage Therapy is for Every Body~*

Pain Relief/Injury Recovery

Massage and Bodywork can interrupt pain, and reestablish a feeling of well being. Pain relief clears thinking, improves moods, and lightens the spirit so that you can remember how good it can feel to be you. 

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Pre- and Post Natal Massage

Sciatic pain, low back pain, and achy joints are just a few symptoms of pregnancy that can be reliev

Sciatic pain, low back pain, and achy joints are just a few reasons that pregnant women love to receive massage and bodywork. Come for one session, or design a package of sessions that will carry you through to the postpartum phase of your motherhood.

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Support Wellness Goals

Stay aligned, inspired, and motivated to be the healthiest version of you. As a life coach, I support you in creating a game plan to achieve your wellness goals, help keep you accountable, and see you all the way through to completion of your goals, whatever they may be.

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New Year 2019 Packages

When you purchase a 3-sessions package, you will receive 1 Free massage therapy session to gift a friend, a coworker or a loved one.

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New Office on Oak Street!

Located upstairs from Jade Mountain Medicine, I share a beautiful office with Midwife Cara Frantz. 

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Common questions about massage therapy, life coaching and the intersection of these modalities.

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